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AVEC Limousin

The Limousin Economic and Cultural Development Agency (AVEC Limousin) is a regional development agency whose mission is the promotion of Regional excellence activities (cultural and economic). It supports especially the creative industries through development projects, support services and major events.

AVEC Limousin and its projects teams lead promotions operations. AVEC Limousin projects are included in policies of economic and cultural development of Limousin. AVEC Limousin puts its expertise to territory projects success.

Born in 2011, the Limousin Economic and Cultural Development Agency (AVEC Limousin), is the result of the Region’s willingness to set up culture such as a strong asset to develop the quality of life and attractiveness of the Limousin.

Therefore, AVEC Limousin supports the development of the creative economy through three main types of actions:

  • the organization of cultural events;
  • promoting the cultural richness and diversity;
  • technical support and advice to cultural organizations.

AVEC Limousin is a development agency, an association led by a board composed of voluntary representatives from the cultural world. It works under the control of Regional elected Councilors and representatives of economic and cultural institutions.

AVEC Limousin succeeded Cultural & Technical Agency of Region Limousin (ATCRL) created in 1985 by the Region Limousin.

AVEC Limousin is supported by the Region Limousin, the European Union and the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

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