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Challenge Your Digital Vision

From 1st April to 1st June

Are you keen on Art, internet, digital technology... and Limousin? Why not test your talent and creativity by taking part in the competition Your Digital Vision?

Compose individually or in teams (4 people at the most) a digital artwork which depicts or evokes Limousin and try to win 3 holidays and 4 tablet computers.
Whether you are amateur or professional, skillful or inexperienced, make use of all the available digital tools to submit us your vision on Limousin (Wikipedia, Google Maps), either real or strictly digital, “arising from the internet world”.
To guide you through your discovery of digital art, we supply below a few examples of digital works along with some helpful resources.

How to proceed

After registering, you’ll be able to refer to digitalvisions.fr at any time and submit your completed work as a video you’ll have webcast before on Dailymotion, Youtube or Vimeo. Then, you’ll have to give it a title, give notice of its connection link on the chosen platform, explain your design process and mention its geolocation.

The works can be presented from 1st April 2014 at 10 AM ( UTC +2) to 1st June 2014 at midnight (UTC+2).

Beware : The “Public Favourite Prize” depends on the number of Facebook “Likes” each creation will collect as soon as it comes out.

(See the regulations.)


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Compose your digital artwork

Digital Art ??

L’art numérique ou art digital concerne toute forme de création en langage numérisé, où la technologie prédomine largement. Parfois le média numérique se substitue à la création en tant que telle, mais dans l’art numérique, il est plus question de création à partir de machines, d’ordinateurs, de technologies numériques que de supports.

S’il est admis que l’art numérique est né dans les années 1980, nous pouvons en faire remonter ses origines aux années 50 et 60, notamment avec l’apparition des premières tables de mixage dans les studios d’enregistrement.

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Judges panel and Prizes.

As soon as 2nd June, the day after the end of Your Digital Visions competition, a panel of 6 professionals in the fields of contemporary art, digital cultures and Limousin will meet to select the three award-winning creations which correspond best to the theme.

The “Public Favourite Prize” will be awarded to the creation which will collect the largest number of “Like” mentions via the Facebook widget set on every page. The “votes” will finish and be counted on June 13th between 10 o’clock PM and midnight (UTC +2).

The prizes
  • 1st prize: one Limousin holidays (a week) and one tablet computer;
  • 2nd prize: one Limousin holidays (a week-end) and one tablet computer;
  • 3rd prize: one Limousin holidays (a week-end) and one tablet computer;
  • “Public Favourite Prize”: one tablet computer.
The judges
  • Michaël Borras AKA Systaime, founder of the SPAMM and curator of the “Digital Visions” section of “GeoCulture - Limousin seen by the artists” exhibition ;
  • Claire Soubranne in charge of the communication and activities at the Bfm in Limoges where the awarded creations will be on display during the exhibition ;
  • Ellectra Radikal, digital artist and curator;
  • Catherine Fossati, from the Comité régional du tourisme du Limousin;
  • Antoine Réguillon;
  • Marielle Bulidon.

Further information


The regulations of Your Digital Visions is available online at http://digitalvisions.fr/Régulations.
It can be dowloaded at ...


If you need any help contact us or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/digvis) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/digitalvisi0ns).