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Digital Visions: what is it?

Limousin Region & Digital Arts

From 28th June to 6th September, the digital cultural service GeoCulture - Limousin seen by artists will be on show at the Bibliothèque francophone multimédia (Francophone Multimedia Library - Bfm) in Limoges and move from the networks into the real through artworks from different collections from museums, Art centres, libraries in Limousin present on GeoCulture.
How marking our commitment to the digital world and to the contemporary artistic creation?
The project Digital Visions is the answer : we are inviting digital artist Systaime AKA Michaël Borras, creator of the SPAMM (Super Art Modern Museum) and at the same time 15 international artists to create 15 digital works on 15 different sites in Limousin.

The 15 chosen sites, situated all over Limousin and its three “departments” are well-represented on GeoCulture. They are varied, melting urban landscapes, historic and heritage sites, panoramic views, contemporary art and more unusual places.

As the artists know Limousin by means of web technology only, their works express a new vision of the territory, a mise en abyme of the way Limousin appears on the net and they offer an innovative, definite, sometimes dreamlike but always questioning and surprising experiment.

From URL to IRL

As soon as 27th June and the preview of “GeoCulture - Limousin seen by artists” exhibition at the Bfm, these 15 digital works will be released on multimedia sites such as digitalvisions.fr, the video platform Vimeo and shared on social networks.

Furthermore, they will be available with an innovative smartphone app : in addition to an “exploration” mode, it will offer a “scenic trails” mode based on increased reality to encourage the users to go on the spot, visit the 15 different places, scan one outstanding element and start up viewing the artworks.
During the exhibition, a competition will reward the first competitor to visit the 15 sites and be able to view the corresponding artworks (at least, the visitor with the highest viewing).
Even more stunning, the 15 netart works, displayed within “GeoCulture – Limousin seen by artists” exhibition at the Bfm, will merge into reality through an immersive scenography.

Digital Visions, the prequel :Your Digital Vision

To enlarge the cultural and artistic dimension of GeoCulture - Limousin seen by artists and in accordance with Digital Visions to promote the netart and emergent Arts, while questioning Limousin, its perception, its digital influence, the AVEC in collaboration with Systaime AKA Michaël Borras organizes a creation competition: Your Digital Vision.

From 1st April to 1st June, we invite everyone to visit Limousin either on the ground or on the net and to submit, individually or collectively an artistic digital creation. The works can be gif animations, computer 3D modeling, sound editing or videos but the completed task must be a video webcast on one of the net platforms such as Dailymotion, Youtube or Vimeo.

A committee of professional examiners will meet in the first fortnight of June to designate three winners. A “Public Favourite Prize” will be awarded to the most-liked creation on Facebook.
The list of winners of Your Digital Vision competition will be announced at the Digital Visions party taking place on 27th June after the preview of the Bfm exhibition. You’ll be welcomed at John Lennon Cultural Centre with Hiero Federation for a friendly party where the 15 works of Art and all the creations from internet challengers will be displayed and concerts and performances will take place.
The four awarded works will be on display both at the Bfm and on a huge screen set in the Benedictins railway station in Limoges.

GéoCulture – Limousin seen by Artists

GeoCulture - Limousin seen by artists is a digital cultural service which ambition is to gather and geolocalize the various artistic representations of Limousin (literature, plastic Arts, Occitan culture, live performances), artworks related to the area either geographically, symbolically or figuratively.

Beyond the promotion of Art, GeoCulture encourages to discover Limousin in an unusual way through different artists such as Robert Doisneau, Pierre Michon, Vassily Kandinsky, Claude Monet, Honoré de Balzac, Raoul Hausmann, Armand Guillaumin, Paul Rebeyrolle, Michel Houellebecq, Modeste Moussorgski, George Sand, Yona Friedman...

Web-based and available on smartphones by means of an application, GeoCulture - Limousin seen by artists introduces more than 750 works of Art and keeps on enriching its collection thanks to a regional network of contributing cultural and artistic organizations.

On the Web

GéoCulture – Limousin seen by Artists


AVEC Limousin

The Limousin Economic and Cultural Development Agency (AVEC Limousin) is a regional development agency whose mission is the promotion of Regional excellence activities (cultural and economic). It supports especially the creative industries through development projects, support services and major events.


Systaime A.K.A. Michaël Borras

Systaime, of his real name Michaël Borras, is a French contemporary plastics artist.
He plays an important role in the international alternative digital art and art in network.
Systaime takes part in lots of international artistic events as producer, organizer, speaker and exhibition curator as well as artist so as to picture the constantly changing human relationships.