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Digital Visions : the App

Digital Visions App (only in French) invites you to discover 15 digital works, of 15 international artists, on 15 places of Limousin.
On “discover” mode you can watch these videos wherever you are.
If you like playing, accept the challenge of the “route” mode by going to the works hunt on the Limousin territory: your smart-phone in the hand, explore the 15 places, look for the clue and flash it to release the viewing of the works.

From June 28th to September 6th, take part in the contest

During the whole duration of “GéoCulture - Limousin seen by artists” exhibition in the Bfm of Limoges, from June 28th to September 6th, take part in the Digital Visions contest and try to win five touchpads.
Every two weeks, the player having traveled most places and activated most works (4 minimum) during the last two weeks will win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10".