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Elena Romenkova

Saint Petersburg, Russia


Elena Romenkova is an artist from Saint Petersburg.
From 2003 till 2009 she studied art at the University Alexander Herzen.

She participated in art exhibitions in Russia and abroad since 2004 then, sinсe 2013, she works as a digital media artist in Nicolas Koroloff virtual Gallery T.
She also had a participation in digital art festival DULCE / SPAMM in 2013 and, in april 2013, she had a personal exhibition of “glitch art” works in Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21) in Russia.

Elena Romenkova also works with different musicians by making covers for releases. Specifically with Dmitriy Krotevich, Ilia Belorukov - musicians from Russia - and Stefano Ferrinn from Italy.

2014 -The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale in Homeostasis Lab (http://www.homeostasislab.com/Elena-Romenkova).

Her/His Digital Visions Artwork