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Kaleidoscopic work of the Gimel-les-Cascades waterfalls with the recording of the sound graphics of the waterfalls with a referent screen of the adopted shooting. Analogic multiplex.

(Translated from french)


Working under the pseudonym Haydiroket, Mert Keskin is one of Tumblr’s resident GIF editors. Since being exposed to the Atari game system at the age of 5, Keskin has been drawn to the digital world much like empty stomachs are drawn to the delicious lure of pizza, and was part of some Demoscene groups in the 90s before having his talents tapped by the likes of MTV and Tumblr.



Tourism: Gimel-les-Cascades

Gimel-les-Cascades, suspended in the middle of a green setting, is lost in wild gorges where incredible waterfalls spurt out; the village of Gimel opens you its doors for an unforgettable walk. A history marked by the imprint of an illustrious man: Gaston Vuillier, famous painter and illustrator, defender of the site of waterfalls.
Gimes-les-Cascades has a medieval castle to dream in the time of the troubadours, the knights and of their legends. Gimel is also every year the theater of a sound and light show. The church St-Pardoux, of the 15th century, shelters an inestimable treasure among which a reliquary in enamel of Limoges and a bust reliquary as well as murals.
Gimel has also numerous shops and workshops of arts and crafts that make you discover their know-how. It is one of places the most visited by the department of Corrrèze.

Office de Tourisme Intercommunal Tulle et Coeur de Corrèze
Le Bourg
19800 Gimel-les-Cascades

Tél. : 05 55 26 59 61 (Tulle)
Tél. : 05 55 21 44 32 (Gimel-les-Cascades)