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Matthieu Delourme
Guéret : Market Square

Urban blocks - facades stolen from the nothingness reintroduced immediately. A break, an empty space which disconcerts, a city theatre under the sky without decoration. Masonry of Creuse in escape mode. The eternal return in 26 seconds on the stopwatch. Stabilization of clouds.

(Translated from french)

Matthieu Delourme

Matthieu Delourme is a French contemporary artist working on internet between France and China.

He recycles the material and virtual wastes of our societies and then he collects, transforms and reimplants his objects.
Just like his work “HundredTouristicImages” he collects images of monuments on the net, he adds them and puts back the whole on Internet.

He obtained at first the DNSEP Art in Lorient (France) in 2010 and then a Phd New Media at the China Academy of Art in 2012.

Matthieu Delourme lives in Hangzhou, China (Shanghai area).



Tourism: Guéret: Market Square

Guéret, the soul of the Mounts of Guéret!
“Chaminadour” is the heart of Guéret… The marketplace and surroundings, the old town comes to light to you!
Discover Guéret by strolling in its alleys. If you have a playfulness and a high tech soul, get ready to make a digital walk around the life of the famous writer who was born in Guéret, Marcel Jouhandeau. To realize the route, a GPS and a smartphone will be necessary. You will have to look at www.terra-aventura.fr in order to find the “Chaminadour le coeur de Guéret” cache hidden somewhere in the city…
If you are curious, you will have to go to the Museum of Art and Archeology of Guéret which have marvels in its rich collections among which one is dedicated to the painters who found the inspiration in the Valley of Creuse of the 19th century. Then have a break in the public garden Ferdinand Villard.
Near the city, discover the most fascinating predators, the wolf, in the Chabrières woods: the wildlife park of the Mounts of Guéret is a national reference for the knowledge of this animal of legend!
You will have to go to the huge labyrinth of the Mounts of Guéret which offers a lot of activities for the whole family.

Office de Tourisme du Grand Guéret
1, rue Eugène France
23000 Guéret

Tel. : 05 55 52 14 29