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Miyö Van Stenis
Limoges : Benedictins railway station

Operator-tour at 360° - Limoges by night – dreams’ migration. – Bénédictins railways station – 1 min 22 stop. 360° overview. – « South » wall: a huge hall decorated with stained-glass windows by Francis Chigot. A tower, a minaret, a rocket, a dome, the clock face, the clock hands in the rush hours, screensavers, flying saucer and undercarriages.

(Translated from french)

Miyö Van Stenis

Miyö Van Stenis was born in 1989 in Caracas (Venezuela).

The work of Miyö Van Stenis explores technological interfaces, the operating systems, softwares and other devices involved in the Internet. The existing interest in representing the relationship between humans and machines, poetry and computational science, turn the artist investigation into an experimental work where the machine is expressing itself, as a kind of hyperbolic reflection of its world : first of all as an performative action where the value is the human action in pursuit of error, the unexpected, creating a meeting point between the human, the machine, the error and the undeniable desire of poetic beauty.



Tourism: Limoges: Benedictins railway station

Built on the lands of an old Benedictine convent, the building makes the pride of Limougeauds. Since 1929, the immense dome, 31 meters high, and its bell tower, 61 meters high, watch over the city. Enter the big hall and look up: you will see magnificent allegorical sculptures of Henri Varenne and Francis Chigot’s stained-glass art-déco.
Unless a kilometer of the station you can visit two museums presenting regional know-how: the porcelain oven des Casseaux, in edge of the Vienne River, and the Museum of limougeaudes distilleries, street of Belfort.

Office de tourisme de Limoges
12 Boulevard de Fleurus
87000 Limoges

05 55 34 46 87