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Kim Asendorf
Limoges : Butcher’s shops Street

Way down Butcher’s shops Street. Vertical line and half-timbering. Plastered and camouflage. Repetition - Electric visits and climatic variations.

(Translated from french)

Kim Asendorf

Kim Asendorf is a conceptual artist and works in a large area of media and digital related art. He loves to transport things from the Internet into real life and back. Kim did several net art projects, often based on data taken from the Internet or gathered from other individuals through the Internet. He works very experimental with generative strategies, physical computing, data and glitch. Most of his works leads into installations, sculptures, visualizations and abstract geometric art, but also into applications, animated gifs or noisy sounds.

In 2010 he coined the term “pixel sorting”, an algorithmic image manipulation process with unique results.

He was born in 1981 in Achim, near Bremen. Trained as an industrial electrician in 1999 at Daimler. He studied four semesters of computer science at Technical University of Bremen. From 2006 to 2011 he studied at the School of Art and Design Kassel with a focus on Media & Social Hacking, Net.art & New Media Art and Creative Coding.
Kim Asendorf lives and works in Berlin.

Co-founder and curator at Fach & Asendorf Gallery since 2011.

Member of Nnfenren, Maadonna & JUST DO IT.



Tourism: Limoges: Butcher’s shops Street

To stroll in the so picturesque street of the “Boucherie” (Butcher’s shop) with its houses with timber framings, plunges you at the centre of sirs butchers’ history of Limoges! Settled at the very beginning of the 13th century, all the businesses of the street were dedicated to the meat, managed by six families. In the number 36, the traditional house of the Butcher’s shop redraws the everyday life of this corporation.
The chapel Saint-Aurélien was set up in 1471 in honor of the patron saint of the butchers. The “Frairie des Petits Ventres” (the Small Stomachs party), big traditional party, every 3rd Friday of October, reminds us the strong anchoring of this district in the history of Limoges.
By going back up the street of the “Boucherie”, you will join the central covered market, built between 1885 and 1889, by two engineers, pupils of the techniques of Eiffel, Levesque and Pesce. A very beautiful frieze, established by 328 china tiles, enriches the decoration. Any various, these tiles evoke products sold to the covered market: poultry, fishes, games, flowers. Besides the very busy stalls, we find two typical restaurants there, where we lunch on big tables, neck and neck.
Since the central covered market you can stroll in the streets of the city center which hide marvels such as the “Cour du Temple” (Courtyard of the Temple), a beautiful whole mansion of granite and half-timbering, decorated with galleries with arches and with an elegant Renaissance staircase as well as the church Saint-Michel-des-Lions which welcomes the monumental altar reliquary sheltering saint Martial’s reliquary, patron saint of the city.

Office de tourisme de Limoges
12 Boulevard de Fleurus
87000 Limoges

05 55 34 46 87