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Low part: SketchUp of the Church – abbey Saint-André and Saint-Léger of Meymac - anchored in the groundwater of the city fed by inverted trees not referenced.
High part: municipal sampling, strange cylindrical forms, soup of white wine, the drunkenness of ravens in 3-D.
Screens interface: computing stalactites and liquid crystals. Digital data locked into the ice.

(Translated from french)


Library scientist, currently Media Design Networked Media@Piet Zwart Institute

He works on animations created in Google SketchUp. He explores the possibilities of design with free corporate tools and libraries of objects created by users in parallel with the role of media and particularly virtual representation platforms in the perception of things.



Tourism: Meymac

The origins differ but life centres around the impressive St-André abbey – St-Léger church (11th and 12th centuries) of Romanic Limousin style. Nowadays it contains a Virgin with Child, the bust reliquary of St-Léger, a wooden and wrought iron lectern, a copy of the Black Virgin and a baroque organ.
3 great names to understand Meymac history:
Saint-Léger, martyr bishop, traditionally celebrated the 1st Sunday of October and he watch over inhabitants of Meymac from the Grand’Rue. We award the power to heal and to protect from the madness to him;
Jean Gaye-Bordas, founder of “Meymac-près-Bordeaux” wine trade. His castle “Moines-Larose” can be seen near the abbey. We owe him the enrichment of the city which results in the construction of a set of rich houses with turrets and tree-filled gardens;
Marius Vazeilles, general warden of waters and forests. He is responsible for reforestation of the Plateau de Millevaches, archeologist and politician. His collections are collected to the museum which bears his name in the center of the city.
To know more about it, participate in the guided tours of the city!

19250 Meymac

Tel. : 05 55 95 18 43