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Salut Châlus

Emotive video spattering by the freshness, the game of the filters, the different chromatic and sound mixes – Ola Châlus – Ola Châlus – Ola Châlus – Geodesic system WGS84: 45° 39’ 18” North latitude and 00° 58’ 50” Est longitude. Salut Châlus – Salut Châlus – Salut Châlus – Global mash up – hydrography of a landscape – Digital cornerstone – Crystalizing picture: undulation, woody hills and meadows in a bright and organic frame – Hello Châlus – Hello Châlus – Hello Châlus – Signed: Biarritzzz.

(Translated from french)


BIARRITZZZ (Beatriz Rorigues) is a brazilian visual and web artist born in 1994. She works with video, gif and photography while she studies communication. She also lead consumption and image culture researches, which is are always present subjects in her works.



Tourism: Châlus

Between High Limousin plateau and the valleys of Périgord, in full Pays d’Oc, the Mounts of Châlus assert their own identity. Profoundly marked by the history, this country is crossed by very old routes, by antique or medieval origin, among which those of pilgrimage towards Santiago de Compostela, and it is bristled by fortified castles dotted with medieval churches. It is a rich and secret region which has to be discovered little by little and which can satisfy many desires: peace and relaxation in green landscapes or at the edge of lakes and ponds, sports activities on “the Green Way”, in trees or on a bike-rail, and cultural discoveries.

Office de tourisme des Monts de Châlus
28, avenue François Mitterrand
87230 Châlus

Tél. : 09 60 07 30 07