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Systaime A.K.A. Michaël Borras

Systaime, of his real name Michaël Borras, is a French contemporary plastics artist.
He plays an important role in the international alternative digital art and art in network.
Systaime takes part in lots of international artistic events as producer, organizer, speaker and exhibition curator as well as artist so as to picture the constantly changing human relationships.

For fifteen years, he has suggested a new outlook on Art in the digital age and he appears today as le leading figure of international and French netart. Still being little recognized as an artistic movement, the netart connects virtual reality to the real world and depicts a picture of present societies by reusing and diverting the iconographic codes specific to the digital world.

The artist Systaime regularly achieves lots of online works (videos, remixes, mashups, sounds, blogs, gif, clips) and diverts the social networks. He works on the net flow and for each configuration of the net system, he chooses to explore the failings of new digital cultures with a didactic method.

He thus develops themes which enhance the esthetics of the bug and the glitch by seeking the bad functioning of the digital system. Systaime surfs on the digital flows, subverts and diverts them, infests all the platforms and tests the full capacities of this tool we have at our disposal.

The artist depicts a new social dynamics peculiar to these new networks, the complexity of which we only start to deal with.

Brief reminder

As an artist of the multimedia and the networks, Systaime is the founder of the movement French Trash Touch (created in 1995, “certified” in 2003), member of the “internationale échantillonniste”, he is an important actor in the international alternative artistic network, the digital art and the art in network.

In 2011, he founded the Spamm, the Super Art Modern Museum which displays online the present international digital creation.
He co-established with the team of Arte Creative the Web platform : spamm.arte.tv and since 2012, he is also a commentator for the program “L’Oeil de Links” broadcasted on Canal + channel.
In March 2013, he organized the exhibition Spamm Cupcake in New York at invitation of Marc Brown.
In July, 2013, he directed the clip “Sexodrome” for Asia Argento and created the visuals for the launch show of the album “Entropy Total” at the Silencio in Paris.
At the end of July, 2013, he organized with Miyö Van Stenis and Helena Acosta, the exhibition SPAMM Dulce in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas in Venezuela.

In November 2013, he is invited by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication to take part in the conference : “How to pass on the culture in the digital age?”

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French Trash Touch / Michaël Borras A.K.A Systaime