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Elena Garnelo

Blue geometrical diptych of the television news of Corrèze. Mirror effect. Visuals abstractions of the hypermarkets in Tulle “which would be the least expensive” of the Hexagon.

(Translated from french)

Elena Garnelo

Elena Garnelo was born in Ponferrada (León) in 1965 and now she is an artist and a nurse. She studied decorative arts at AA school of Malaga during the years 1992-1996. She realized several individual and collective exhibitions in the city of Malaga between 1990 and 2004. Her working domain is the geometrical abstraction. For 5 years she works the photography and digital video. She realises polysemous images of a big beauty.



Tourism: Tulle

Discover Tulle, the city with seven hills which, nested at the bottom of its narrow and deep valley, will reveal you its hidden marvels. A medieval town steeped in history with an exceptional multisecular heritage, Tulle livens up around its medieval enclosure where there are some great mansions, and most of them classified Historic monuments, such as Loyac House or Lauthonie Hotel.
The cathedral Notre-Dame of Tulle, with its bell tower of 73 meters, shelters the Grandes Orgues classified Historic monuments, a stained-glass window and a contemporary liturgical furniture.
Tulle offers you its crafts with the famous Poinct de Tulle (needle-point lace) and a workshop to visit. Its history follows the rhythm of the sound of the accordion (cultural emblem of the city). The Festival of the Nuits de Nacre takes place every year. The company Accordions of France Maugein, only French manufacturer of accordions, delivers you its know-how.
Tulle is a city martyred and resistant with the indelible souvenir of the drama of June 9th, 1944. Tulle and the 5th republic, a story of men and presidents …

Office de Tourisme Intercommunal Tulle et Coeur de Corrèze
Place Jean Tavé
19000 Tulle

Tél. : 05 55 26 59 61