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Andrés Santos
Vassiviere Island

You are here – You are here – Here and there – Disintegration - Download data – Algorithm – Black disc of conglomeration – Stellar suburb of a glance at the edge of a lake where mental iris flower.

(Translated from french)

Andrés Santos

E404 (André Santos) is a Lisbon (Portugal) based image wrecker. His work moves around two opposite poles: generative complex software experimentations and simple montage gags.



Tourism: Vassiviere Island

Vassivière Lake is one of the biggest artificial lakes of France. 45 km of cut banks, colors, atmospheres, a hilly nature, at the heart of Limousin and of the Regional Natural reserve of Millevaches. This major place of Limousin proposes numerous activities for young and old. For the amateurs of sunbathing, there are several beaches around the lake and the discoveries of the lake in canoe, water-skiing or routes in trees will satisfy the sportsmen. An original path of banks and more than 250 km of pedestrian, mountain bike and equestrian paths are marked out about most great pleasure of the walkers. The art lovers will be also delighted with a visit of the International Center of Art and Landscape (CIAP) and with a wandering in the wood of sculptures of the Island of Vassivière.
On the island, you could see the numerous artistic and cultural animations organized all year round and search for Zar’t thanks to Terra aventura (www.terra-aventura.fr). Embark for a journey as atypical as authentic.
Finally, you will just have to travel some kilometres to reach the Plateau of Millevaches and numerous picturesque villages.

Le Lac de Vassivière Pôle Tourisme‎
87470 Peyrat-le-Château

Tél. : 05 55 69 76 70